Our Strategic and Sustainable Goals

The Princess Margaret Hospital Service Improvement Plan will focus on the Public Hospitals Authority “Patient First” culture in healthcare delivery. This plan will focus on six (6) pillars for service excellence:

  1. Clinical Quality & Patient Safety
      • Assessment / Audit of the Clinical Quality and Patient Safety
      • Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Risk Management Strengthening
      • System Planning and Development for Improved Quality
  2. Service
      • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  3. People
      • Staff Training and Development
      • Human Resources Management and Training
      • Employee Relations and Incentives
  4. Fiscal Stewardship
      • Strengthening of Internal Financial Management and Control Systems
      • Strengthening Preventative Maintenance Programs
      • Revenue Enhancement
  5. Growth
      • Health System Strengthening
      • Infrastructure Development
  6. Community Relations
      • Strengthening of Internal and External Communication