Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy Services

The Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services of the Public Hospitals Authority operate on the campus of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy services of PMH is affiliated with the Clinical Pastoral Education of the church in the West Indies (CPECWI) and provides formal education and training for persons interested in receiving credits or improving their ministerial skills.

The Reverend Father Sebastian Campbell provides leadership for the various services which include counseling and spiritual guidance to staff and patients of PMH in times of serious illnesses leading to inevitable death, baptism for infants facing death, emotional crisis, paupers’ burial service, and other related services.

Chapel & Office Location

The office and Saint Luke’s Chapel are located in the Administration Block of the hospital at the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Sands lane.

Hours of Services

Services are provided 24 hours seven days a week. Patients may request the services of the Chaplain through the Ward Nurse.

Contact Information

You can contact the office at 397-1225 or 322-2861 Extension 2317 / 1225.