Patient Relations Services

Our Patient Relations service is a supportive link between the patients, family and all components of the hospital. Our goal is to make your experience as our patient as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We focus on the holistic care of our patients and their relatives, assuring quality healthcare during your visit at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

“Ensuring Quality Care”

Our Commitment to Patients

Our Patient Relations Team can help you by:

  • Addressing questions and special needs.
  • Explaining hospital policies, procedures and assist with hospital resources.
  • Referring you to a hospital Social Worker as needed.
  • Referring you to Pastoral Care services and other patient support services as needed.
  • Listening to your views and comments to help improve services and to offer opportunities for patients who wish to become involved more directly in the development of our services.
  • Assisting with Air Ambulance arrangements.
  • Assisting with Patient Transport services.
  • Coordinating Family Island Resident’s follow-up appointments via the Family Island/ Senior Citizen desk.
  • Assisting with the Patient Satisfaction survey as needed.

“Making your hospital experience a pleasant one”

Family Island/Senior Citizens Desk

The addition of our Family Island/ Senior Citizen Desk to the Patient Relations service has allowed us to specifically cater to patients with special needs, particularly our beloved senior citizens and our patients visiting from the Family Islands.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality customer service to meet the needs of our senior citizens and Family Island patients.

Senior Citizens and Family Island patients will receive assistance to streamline the process and provide for the continuity of care through follow up and proper discharge planning.

Persons utilizing this service include:

  • Senior Citizens, 65 years and older needing assistance
  • Family Island patients referred by the Family Island Clinics and needing assistance

“Providing Quality Patient Care”

Our Patient Relations Team

“We are committed to providing the highest quality care and service to each patient. We recognize that every patient has certain rights and responsibilities. Your comfort, satisfaction and recovery are very important to us.”

Our Patient Relations team members are easily identified in each area by their uniforms (Black or Tan jackets).

“We are willing to address and try to anticipate the patient’s needs and take action until a reasonable solution has been met.”

“We are ALWAYS here for you”

Contact Us

If your need is urgent, please ask your nurse or physician to contact us by paging us. If you or your family member is dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, please contact us or visit our office.

Office hours

Our office is open 24 hours
7 days a week

You can speak to a Patient Representative by calling our direct lines:

  • Out-Patient   - (242) 328-8015
  • In-Patient – (242) 502-7495
  • Senior Citizen’s/Family Island Desk – (242) 502-7872/3