Quality & Patient Safety

The Quality & Patient Safety Department of the Public Hospitals Authority is committed to ensuring a culture of safety and quality within the organization.

The Department’s primary functions include risk assessments, investigation, tracking and analyzing of data, infection prevention and control, safety management, quality management and clinical audit. These areas ensure that programs, educational and training initiatives are developed and implemented to equip employees and patients on methods to reduce medical errors and improve services.

All employee work related and industrial claims are also processed through this department and appropriate measures to minimize and / or reduce accidents at work are prioritized.

Quality indicators are used to measure the quality of care, identify potential hazards and adverse events in an effort to design new processes and work flows at all levels within the organization. One of our prime focuses is on customer satisfaction through Inpatient and Outpatient Satisfaction Tools, which provides feedback from our patients, all existing services and assist in designing new approaches to improve our service and image.