We accept all Insurance Carriers

Patients with two (2) or more Valid Insurance Carriers are not required to pay a deposit, however the co-payment or deductible must be paid if required by the insurance company during verification.Patients with a Valid Personal/Individual Insurance (which must be verified) MUST present the Insurance form SIGNED by the attending Physician in order to be qualified as an insurance patient.All services not provided by PMH that are referred to another facility by PMH require an authorization letter which is processed at the main Business Office.A representative from the main Business Office will assist the patient and discuss the payment options (such as salary deduction, over the counter monthly payments or authorized letter from patient to charge their credit card monthly). The representative will also assist with the necessary arrangements for the agreeded payment option.Patient will receive follow-up calls from Collections to remind them of their agreement and provide them with an updated bill monthly or quarterly.

ALL maternity patients must ensure that their newborn(s) are added to their insurance within 30 days of birth.