The Minister of Health Tour at the Princess Margaret Hospital

29 November

 Welcomed by Administration

In June 2012, the new Minister of Health, Dr. The Hon. M. Perry Gomez visited the Princess Margaret Hospital.  The Minister met with the Managing Director of the Public Hospitals Authority, Mr. Herbert Brown, the Chairman (now former) of the PHA Board, Mrs. Veta Brown, and the Executive Management Team of the PHM.

Welcome Welcome     Welcome

Touring the Hospital

During his visit, the Minister toured various Departments, and had the opportunity to speak with staff and patients. 

On the ward  On the ward  On the ward  On the ward

On the ward  On the ward  On the ward

On the ward  On the ward

Critical Care Block

As a part of his tour, Minister Gomez discussed with Management and observed the progress of the new Critical Care Block, which is expected to be completed June 2013.

On the ward  Critical Care  Critical Care