Maternity / Obstetrics & Gynecology


Our Obstetrics and Gynecology Department provides a full range of comprehensive gynecological and obstetrical services of the highest quality to all women preparing for the delivery of a new born.

Our qualified and dedicated OB/GYN physicians and certified nurse-midwives are available to guide and support you through your pregnancy and delivery, including high-risk pregnancies.

Areas include:

  1. Maternity Units
    • Antenatal Ward
    • Post Natal Ward
    • Labour Ward
    • Newborn Nursery
  2. Gynae Ward

Ward Location:

Gynae Ward is located on the 2nd Floor, opposite the Orthopedic Ward
Maternity Wards are located on the Ground Floor near the Business Office.

Admission Criteria:

Direct admissions

Patients may be given special dates for admission for elective C-Section or for induction of labor.

Transfer and Referrals

 This may include internal patients from another ward or external patients from a public or private attending physician.


These may include patients in labor, suspected labor, or patients experiencing complications and/or having concerns about the pregnancy.

Access to services

  • Service is available for both Public and Private Patients.
  • Private patients are expected to pay a fee of $160.00 for admission to the Maternity Wards.
  • All clients/patients are required to bring their Antenatal Record (“Passport”) when seeking admission to the Maternity Wards and labor and delivery services.

Services include the following:

  • Antenatal services- care of the pregnant patient
  • Labor & Delivery management
  • Post Natal Care – for mother and baby following delivery, up to 10 days post delivery. During this period mother and baby may be seen for follow up as out-patients for post check up.
  • Referral Services – Health Social Services and other Specialists
  • 24 hours in-patient services are provided on the maternity wards and Gynae Ward.
  • Anticipate length of stay for primigravida (mother having first baby) is minimum of 48 hours, to allow for adequate observation and teaching.
  • Anticipated length of stay for uncomplicated Cesarean Section (C- Section) is minimal of 48- 72 hours.

No Photography is allowed on the Maternity and Gynae Wards.

Special Instructions in Preparation for Admission (Labor & Delivery):

  • Baby Items:
    • Socks & cap
    • Under shirts
    • Sleepers with closed footing
    • Baby wash or bath
    • Pack of pampers
    • Wet wipes
    • At least 2 receiving blankets
    • Baby bath towels
    • Please note that no nipples or bottles are allowed as breast feeding is encouraged and preferred.   Considerations will be given in special circumstances and will be discussed with you by your care provider.
  • Items for Mother:
    • At least three change of hospital wear
    • Bath and drying towels
    • Pack of Sanitary pads
    • A drinking cup
    • Personal hygiene items
    • Fruits, drinks and few snacks are allowed
    • Please consult with your care provider regarding any special dietary restrictions

Please do not bring jewelry and other personal valuables when coming in for admission.

Gynecological Services: are provided for in-patients and out-patient

  • These may include: medical and surgical services, diagnostic services, out-patient clinic follow-up visits, as well as other support and referral services.

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours are the same as for the General Wards, however, consideration may be granted for visitation outside the specified hours.  Please note that NO visitors are allowed in the Newborn Nursery.

Contact Info.

502-7856 / 502-7837 or 356-0923