Out-Patient Services


The Princess Margaret Hospital Ambulatory Care Department is a multifacted area that provides eight areas of comprehensive Out-Patient Services to our patients. Each service provides patients the convenience of accessible quality service in a comfortable environment by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals.

(Hyperlink to each individual Out-Patient Area)

  1. Accident & Emergency Department
  2. Family Medicine Clinic
  3. Employee Health Services
  4. Oncology Clinic
  5. Orthopedic Clinic
  6. Eye Clinic
  7. Medical Clinic at the Lynden Pindling Int'l Airport
  8. Specialty Clinics (Hyperlink to each individual Clinic)
    1. Medical Clinic
    2. Surgical Clinic
    3. Pediatric Clinic
    4. Ear,Nose, Throat (ENT) Clinic
    5. Dermatology Clinic
    6. STI Clinic
    7. Neonatal Clinic

Registration Requirements

  • A valid Picture ID (drivers license, passport); Non-Residents – passport, travel document & picture ID
  • Medical Record number
  • Request Form from Physician