The staff of the Accident and Emergency Department provides high-quality and compassionate care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The dedicated team of professionals are committed to excellence and dedicated to saving lives. Whether you arrive because of broken bones or a heart attack, our certified and specially trained physicians and nurses are committed to providing you the highest level of emergency care in a safe environment. The department provides Emergency and Trauma Care to adults as well as pediatric patients.

Our dedicated emergency room team offer excellence in emergency care by:

  • Triaging at the first point of contact, which expedites and personalizes your care.
  • Streamlining your admissions process
  • Using the latest Patient Tracking technology, monitoring and imaging equipment.
  • Patient Representatives available to communicate with your family and friends on your progress, providing updates on your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Telemedicine –state- of- the- art remote patient monitoring technology with targeted personalized medical intervention and patient management services. This new technology improves the quality of care provided and reduces expenses to patients to travel to another Island for treatment. 


The Accident and Emergency Department is subdivided into various Treatment areas to optimize the quality care provided to our clients. The main treatment areas in the Department include:

  • Triage Station: - staffed with a senior Registered Nurse, a senior physician is assigned as is necessary. The initial assessment of the patient is performed, patients are categorized based on the acuity of their condition. Patients are then directed to the appropriate designated Treatment Area for further management.
  • Resuscitation (Trauma Room)Category 1*- Four (4) bed unit provides the management for adult and pediatric  patients who are critically ill, multiple trauma and unstable patients, as well as patients requiring resuscitative measures. The Trauma Room is equipped with State of the Art equipment to perform invasive monitoring as well as administration of life saving medication. 
  • Chest Pain Unit: - Category 2* - Six (6) bed unit with State of the Art equipment with cardiac monitoring capabilities, provides management for acute coronary syndrome and cardiac conditions.
  •  Asthma Bay : - Category 2 *- One room with a capacity for six to eight reclining chairs for management of patients presenting with acute asthmatic conditions.
  • Agape Room: - A private room for the management of sexual assault cases.
  • Emergency Pediatric Unit: - Four (4) pediatric bays, equipped to manage all pediatric emergencies. The Unit is staffed primarily with a Pediatric Team, service is provided daily to 11 p.m.
  • Patient Care /Treatment Area: - Category 3* - Six (6) cubicles opening on to a central floor plan. Ambulant and bed patients receive management in this area. Patients are management based on their condition. The Patient Tracking System allows the medical staff to closely monitor the movements of all patients. 
  • Infectious Control Room: - One private room which contains negative air pressure system, for the management of patients requiring isolation with infectious diseases. 
  • Quiet (Holding) Room: - Designated for patients who present with violent and uncontrollable psychiatric conditions.
  • Ambulatory Care Area: - Category 4* - This area provides management of patients  presenting with less urgent problems.
  • Family Room: - A private room to available to accommodate family members of critically ill patients, counseling is provided to the family members as is necessary. 

Fast Track Care in the Emergency Room

Fast Track is the non-acute section of the Emergency Department. This is the area where the management of life’s little emergencies can be treated quickly and efficiently by our medical team. The Triage Nurse determines which patients should access care in this area. Often a visit to the Fast Track area is less complicated, and may take less time than a visit to the acute care section of the Emergency Department.

Our Visitor’s Policy in the Emergency Room

We understand that while your relatives are being cared for in the Emergency Room you may want to remain in contact with them. To create visitor control and prevent overcrowding in the A&E Department please take note of the following:

  • One (1) visitor is allowed per patient for a maximum of 5 minutes depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Minors under 16yrs, and the elderly over 65yrs may have a parent or guardian remain with them.
  • Visitors must identify themselves to the triage nurse when making enquiries about their relatives.
  • Visitors to the Resuscitation Room will be directed by the physician with responsibility for the patient, based on the patient’s condition. The relatives of critically injured and ill patients will be accommodated in the Family, to receive information and update about their relatives by the physician.
  • Patient Representatives will liaise with the nursing & medical staff and keep relatives updated on the patients’ condition.

Contact Info.

Phone: (242) 502-7855 or 326-7014

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Category 1 - patients requiring immediate resuscitation measures, to save their life e.g. unconscious, heart attack, severe respiratory conditions.
Category 2 - patients presenting with emergency conditions such as chest pains, severe abdominal pains, severe traumatic injuries.
Category 3 - patients presenting with acute conditions such as severe hypertension, unstable Diabetic Conditions, requiring monitoring and administration of medication.
Category 4 -  patients presenting with non life threatening conditions such as minor lacerations, nail stick, non life threatening non communicable illnesses.