Private Specialty Services

The Princess Margaret Hospital offers its in-patients a choice of public or private services. Public accommodations are arranged as open wards with the conventional Nightingale-style layout of beds. Private rooms are available with one or two bed options, with or without variations of en-suite bathroom facilities.

Services include:

  • Maternity
  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Day cases in OT who are discharged after full recovery

There are 18 beds on the Private Surgical Ward and 13 on the Private Medical Ward.

Private Theatre: A private operating theatre & obstetric suite, located within the Private Surgical Area, are available for inpatient and out-patient surgery, as required.

Private Physician Services:
 Private Patients must be admitted by a Private Physician who must either:

  • Be a consultant /specialist employed by the PHA; or
  • Have Admitting Privileges to tend to patients within PMH
  • Physician fees are billed separately by the doctor (and not included in the hospital bill).

Private Support Services: Private services are supported by privately-managed units for Business Office, Dietary, Pharmacy, Escort, Housekeeping and Maintenance Services.

Private Services offers privileges such as:

  • Patients children are allowed to visit, no age limit
  • Photos are allowed with administration authorization
  • Laboring patients are allowed a relative with them
  • C/Sections being done under epidural relative allowed in the theatre
  • Relatives are allowed to stay with special case and pediatric patients 24 hours

Private Patient Admission & Billing Procedures

The Private Business Office is the hub for patient admissions, billing, cashing and accounts management for all private ward patients. This office is located at the entrance to the Private Surgical Ward, east of the main lobby of the hospital; and is dedicated solely to servicing private ward patients.

On presenting to the Private Business Office, the patient or his/her representative submits the admission slip given by the doctor and /or indicates the reason for admission to the hospital.

Elective admission to the Private Wards will normally take place between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Alternative admission times may be arranged to accommodate the patient, or for procedures scheduled for the same day.

Emergency Admissions are facilitated through the Accident and Emergency Department, and financial arrangements must be completed at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, hospital policy dictates that, if a patient is unable to satisfy the financial requirements, he/she will be transferred to the Public Ward.

Pre-Admission: Preliminary tests (such as X-rays, ECG, etc.) may be ordered by your physician in order to expedite your admission and treatment.

All maternity patients are required to be registered by the seventh month of pregnancy for admission for labour and delivery.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.