Cardio-Neuro Diagnostic Services

The Cardio-Neuro Diagnostic Department is a 24 hour service that offers a variety of non-invasive tests that record the electrical activity of the heart. The test takes about five to ten minutes and is performed by a team of highly qualified diagnostic professionals that provide quality service to our patients in a comfortable environment.


Services include:

  • E.C.G/E.K.G
  • ECHO
  • E.E.G

How is an ECG Done?

  • Ten sensors are attached to your arms, legs, and chest (around the heart area).
  • This is indicated with a square and circle symbol on the following diagram:
  • These sensors "listen" to your heartbeat and make a wave pattern on graph paper.
  • Electrical impulses associated with heart contraction and relaxation are recorded.
  • From the pattern on your ECG tracing, your doctor can check on how your heart is doing


  • Appointments are required for E.C.G/ E.K.G and ECHO services.
  • E.E.G services are provided for registered walk-in patients with a requisition from their physician.  

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
However, the service is offered 24 hours for emergency cases and the In-patient wards.

Contact Info.

Cardio-Neuro Diagnostic Services
Phone: (242) 326-0517 or 502-7817
(242) 322-2861 Ext. 2104, 2105