PMH Foundation

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization established in March 2003 to strengthen the hospital’s ability to provide healthcare of the highest quality in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

The PMH Foundation enhances patient care by:

  • Purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment;
  • Promoting in-service education and staff development through education; and
  • Fostering goodwill in the community.

The Foundation also provides for the construction of new and/or expanded patient care units and facilities for staff throughout the institution.

Miracles In Progress
Every minute of every day at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Miracles occur for hundreds of patients.

The Foundation’s slogan is the basis for its existence. With the help of our caring contributors to the Foundation, miracles will continue to happen. “Miracles In Progress!”

 The Miracles in Progress logo (the ripple in the water) is an image that will inspire the staff of the hospital and all Bahamians. The image will be symbolic of the vision of the Foundation, “Miracles In Progress”.

The Foundation is funded one gift at a time, one pledge at a time, providing the financial strength to upgrade or replace worn or obsolete equipment at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Through generous contributions, the Foundation will be able to assist the Princess Margaret Hospital by purchasing state of the art medical equipment to keep pace with the rapid changes in the delivery of healthcare.

The PMH Foundation will also provide for the construction of new and/or expanded patient care units and facilities for staff throughout the institution.

The Foundation also assists in providing opportunities for the training and development of staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital.  Through in-service education and development programs, all grades of staff, both medical and support staff, will be able to benefit from the generous donations through the Foundation.

Contributions to the Foundation in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital are made in many ways through:

  • Donations from individuals or Community Organizations
  • Fundraising events and Sponsorships
  • Corporate support from our friends in the business community who recognize the importance of good healthcare to a vibrant community.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation will organize at least 3 major fundraisers per year to purchase needed medical equipment and to fund staff education at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The fundraisers will also act as a vehicle for community businesses, organizations and individuals to become involved by taking a proactive approach to the healthcare system in the Bahamas. It is anticipated that each fundraiser will help to create public awareness regarding the PMH Foundation and its functions.

The PMH Foundation was originally founded in March 2003 by 14 Charter Members, all of whom brought to the board a variety of backgrounds, offering their unique skills and talents to ensure the Foundation’s success.

  1. Dr. Myles Munroe – Chairman
  2. Dr. Richard Demeritte – Vice Chairman
  3. Mrs. Diane Pindling – Treasurer
  4. Mr. Charles Carter – Public Relations
  5. Mrs. Coralie Adderley – Secretary
  6. Mrs. Sharon Wilson - Fundraising
  7. Dr. Robin Roberts
  8. Dr. Davidson Hepburn
  9. Mrs. Paulette Zonicle
  10. Mrs. Corrine Fountain
  11. Mrs. Loretta Thomas
  12. Ms. Juanita Greene
  13. Ms. Leslie Isaacs
  14. Mrs. Inga Bowleg
  15. Mrs. Nancy Kelly
  16. Mrs. Jan Knowles
  17. Mr. Anwer Sunderji

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, like other prestigious Foundations worldwide, believes that the recognition of partners, donors, sponsors, and workers are key to the development and betterment of the institution.

The “Miracle Wall” has been identified as a wall erected in a central location of the hospital that will recognize all contributors to the Foundation and its mission.

The “Miracle Wall” will host our state of the art “Miracle Tree”, which utilizes a number of custom elements to create a truly stunning and meaningful donor wall.  Hundreds of leaves float on a wall that will capture the attention and interest of potential donors to the Hospital.  As our contributions grow, so will our “Miracle Tree.”

The “Miracle Wall” will provide the perfect way to recognize contributors to the Foundation and create a tasteful memorial to individuals who have unselfishly given to the Hospital through their services and support, our “Miracle Angels.”

We hope that the “Miracle Wall” will inspire Bahamians from all walks of life to contribute to the Foundation and give back to ‘Their’ Hospital, “The Peoples’ Hospital.”

Please contact our office for additional information on the PMH Foundation and the Princess Margaret Hospital.

PMH Foundation Office
Princess Margaret Hospital

Shirley Street
P.O. Box N-3730
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 502-7886
Fax: (242) 397-1151

Ms. Thelma R. Rolle
Executive Administrator/Spokesperson
Tel: (242) 502-7886 office
Cell: (242) 376-0499