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Miracles happen every day at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Every day a baby is born, a patient is discharged, and the success of surgical procedure is celebrated. Share your stories with us.

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  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the medical staff in the ER for their professionalism and patience shown during my mother’s time with them. I would like to especially thank Dr. Nairn who initially worked with my mother (Mavis Gay) upon her arrival to the ER. She kept me abreast of what was going on and informed me of the doctors who would be overseeing her care as time went by. I would also like to thank Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Smith who briefly saw my mother. I must especially thank Dr. Hall as she took over my mothers care, always the professional and willing to assist. Her bedside manner was relaxing to my mother and myself during the entire time and she explained everything she was doing and why.

    Persons are always complaining about PMH, but I want to take this opportunity to say THANKS for a job well done under excruciating working conditions. They demonstrated good team work across the board. This is not our first time having to use PMH and we have always had good service.

    I pray the best for the staff at PMH as they go through this very challenging time with the epidemic. Please commend those doctors mentioned and the other staff in the ER and those on the Eye Ward where mom finally got a bed. Thanks again."
    ER Medical Staff
  • "On November 16th 2011, I presented myself to the Surgical Clinic in the hopes of seeing either Dr. Stevens or Dr. Roberts. I was not in good health that day and struggled to make my way to the Surgical Clinic.

    Upon my arrival I tried to gain information from the ladies and nurses in the booth about whether or not Dr. Stevens was in and whether or not I would be able to see him on that day. These individuals were very harsh with me and told me to walk down the corridor and ask for Nurse Lamb. I was perplexed because it was obvious to everyone around that I was not in good health and could barely stand up.

    I made my way down the corridor in search of Nurse Lamb; I was not successful in my search. I tried to make my way back to the booth to speak to the ladies and was intercepted by Nurse Orimma. Nurse Orimma asked me if I was ok and if someone was assisting me. I immediately started to lean on the wall as I could feel myself going weak. I remember Nurse Orimma asking me questions to which I could not answer as without warning my body suddenly became limp and I passed out. Luckily Nurse Orimma caught me before I hit the ground ad a witness informed me (Ms. Maria)! Within seconds she was there to catch me and a doctor gave me a wheel chair to sit in. Before I knew it Nurse Orimma and a patient by the name of Maria were wheeling me down to the Accident and Emergency room following the instructions of the doctor who appeared in the corridor after I fell out.

    Nurse Orimma stayed with me and tried to relay to the doctors and nurses in A&E what had transpired with me upstairs at the Surgical Clinic. The lady by the name of Maria stayed with me and registered me. She held my hand and tried to get someone to assist me.

    I have not had many good experiences with the nurses at the Princess Margaret Hospital, however I was so grateful that Nurse Orimma took the time to realize that I was physically in trouble and put her very own safety at risk to prevent me from hitting my head on the ground.

    This letter will serve as my official acknowledgement that on November 16th 2011, shortly before 12:00 noon, Nurse Orimma went above and beyond the call of duty and prevented me from further injury. I am so very grateful and thankful to Nurse Orimma for being so selfless and caring enough to put herself physically in peril in an effort to assist one of her patients."
    Surgical Clinic Urology
  • "I would just like to say “Thank You” for the indefatigable task that your staff performs on a daily basis in your department. Having to attend there for several days with my husband, I was impressed with the demeanor of your staff in the face of ingratitude, abuse, cursing and callous criticism.

    In spite of the overwhelming shortages, the staff remained calm, cool and collected. My prayer is that you continue to do the common things uncommonly well."
    Accident and Emergency Staff
  • "My thanks goes out to the staff of Male Orthopedic ward for helping me through my struggle from day one to the day of my release. Im very grateful for your kind hearts, souls and minds. I asked the Lord to bless you all and continue to help you stay strong and focus to continue to help other patients. Im glad for the wonderful time I had there and the great people I met. Everyone was always smiling and in happy spirits, there was never a sad day and you always put a smile on my face to make my day an even greater one. I wish there was something I could give to everyone but the greatest thing I’m going to leave is my love that can be shared equally between each and every one of you. I will always pray to my God to help each of you, to bless you and to guide you on the right path. May he keep you under his wings of love and protection. I will miss you all. God bless."
    Male Orthopedic