Volunteer Services

The Princess Margaret Hospital welcomes warm and caring individuals who give back to their community.  Volunteers offer their time, talent and dedication throughout the hospital in patient care and clerical settings providing an extra dimension of care to our patients and families. There are a variety of volunteer roles to fit individual time schedules, abilities and interests. Volunteers may work directly with patients or choose work behind-the-scenes in clerical positions throughout the hospital. Students interested in becoming a volunteer may register through our Student Volunteer Programme. Other volunteers will be registered with our friendly Yellowbirds or the PMH Foundation.


Student Volunteers are welcomed at Princess Margaret Hospital

As we continue to provide Quality Health Care to our patients and the community at large, we trust that as each student would have completed their volunteer services with us, they may be inspire to select a career within the Health Care Profession and join our team of health care professionals at the Princess Margaret Hospital. 


The Princess Margaret Hospital Student Volunteer Programme is designed for Senior High Schools (11th & 12th grades), Continuing Education and College level students, who have expressed a desire to gain exposure to various healthcare professions.  These individuals are invited to complete their community service and/or work experience requirement while providing volunteer service to the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Students from all schools throughout the Bahamas are welcomed. Each school is allowed to send a maximum of eight (8) students into the institution at a given time. This number may vary, based on demand and at the discretion of the institution.

Students applying for the Princess Margaret Hospital Volunteer Programme must be interested in a career specifically related to healthcare.

There are limited opportunities for job training/experience within the clerical field. Persons accepted to this area will be required to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


A letter from the school’s Principal/ Guidance Counselor or Co-ordinator, requesting permission for students to participate in the Volunteer programme at Princess Margaret Hospital, should be sent to the Administrative Officer, Volunteer Services, prior to the student’s arrival (see mailing address)

Response will be conveyed to this request either in writing or via the telephone.

The letter should be on the School’s letterhead and include the following:

  • Current date and school stamp
  • A listing of the names of students who will be participating in the Volunteer Programme.
  • The reason for entering the Student Volunteer Programme, i.e., Graduation Requirement, Community service or on the Job Training/ Work Experience.
  • The total amount of hours and time frame, whether attachment experience will be during or after school hours.


  1. Students must be on time, and in full school uniform.
  2. Students must at all times wear a school photo identification badge. Badge should be visible at all times.
  3. Students must complete the hospital’s Student Volunteer registration Form upon arrival.
  4. Students will be interviewed and will be place appropriately.
  5. Hospital Rules/ Regulations will be carefully explained to students upon arrival.
  6. Students having after school experience are allowed to work a maximum of two hours after school during weekdays, between the hours of 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
  7. Students who request weekend experience can work on Saturdays depending on the area or department to which they are assigned. Students must wear school uniform, along with a photo I.D. on this day.
  8. When students have completed Volunteer requirements, the Department Supervisor or person designated will document performance on each student’s evaluation form. This form will be returned to the Administrative Officer by the student or Department supervisor to be officially stamped and forwarded to the respective school.
  9. An exit interview is carried out after the student has completed the Volunteer Services. This information will be used for improving the services.


Student walk-in requests may be accepted for graduation requirements once the student has a keen interest in the healthcare profession and all criteria as set out in this brochure are met.


Professional Volunteer (qualified/interested persons) must submit a letter addressed to the Chief Hospital Administrator, requesting permission to work in the hospital.